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Unhappy employees cost your company more than you think

Show your appreciation and they will stay longer, be more productive and take care of your business.
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OUr Story

We Love Making Smiles

We are an all in one rewards, engagement and perks platform that enables companies to connect with and show appreciation to their employees and customers. No matter their size, we cater to all types of companies. Trusted by over 100 companies in Jamaica, we are here to keep employees and customers happy, loyal and engaged.

Our Mission

Putting people first

To enable companies of all sizes to seamlessly reward, engage and incentivize their employees and customers with gifts they will love.

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Build Customer Happiness with one click

Our Team

The Captains of the Ship

We are a team of innovative thinkers and problem solvers with a deep passion for creating products that create value for our customers.

Russio Billings

Chief Executive Officer

Rashidi Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Rojas Simpson

Chief Product Officer

Romario Hall

Chief Technical Officer

Latoya Newman

Corporate Solutions Manager

Sherine Virgo

Merchant Success Manager