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Boost your employees savings and increase their disposable income
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Use Cases

How are how companies using Boost

Improve your employer brand & value proposition

Financial Wellness
Help employees save more from everyday spending
Employee Engagement
Increase employee happiness and productivity
Retain Employee
Cultivate employee loyalty and reduce attrition rates
Attract Top Talent
Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Everybody wins with Boost

Become the employer of choice while helping your employees improve their financial wellness.

Employee getting benefits from major merchants

Human Resource

  • Eliminate the hassles of negotiating with multiple vendors.
  • Get an ever-expanding catalogue with new offers added frequently.


  • Maximise savings for you and your families, all year round.
  • Access discounts from a wide variety of vendors including the essentials.
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Business Leaders

  • Stand out as the employer of choice for current and future employees.
  • Get complete visibility with detailed reports for tracking savings at an individual, team, department, and organisation level.
  • Increase employee retention and decrease cost caused by high turn over.

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What our clients are saying

Johann Heaven
Giftme has helped us improve our employee benefits with their wide variety of food options that our employees can choose from with their meal allowance card. The solution has also helped to significantly reduce the monthly accounting and administrative burden.
Johann Heaven
Proven Wealth